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Mobile Car Detailing in Cardiff, Newport & The Valleys

Fully equipped mobile car detailing service for your home, office or place of work, from a deep clean to paint correction and ceramic coating. 

Professional car detailer with over 12 years experience.  

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Car Detailing Services You Can Trust

We go above and beyond – taking care of every detail. Any size. Any vehicle. 

Proudly serving the people and businesses of Cardiff, Newport and The Valleys. Our services range from a thorough deep clean of your vehicle through to a multi-day paint correction service to remove swirl marks and scratches and specialist paint protection products including Ceramic Coating and Paint Protection Film (PPF).

Most Popular Packages

Used Car Transformation

From £449

Recommended for used cars over 1 year old
Ideal for used cars with light defects or swirl marks. A single stage machine polish will enhance gloss and get your car's paintwork shining in the summer sun. The paintwork is then protected with a 2 year ceramic coating.

Optional extras: upgrade to 5 year ceramic coating or add on protective coatings for glass, wheels or interior.

New Car Detailing

From £449

Perfect for new cars
The best time to protect your car's paintwork is straight from the dealership or manufacturer, when it's in the best condition of it's life. The new car protection package includes a single stage gloss enhancing polish to perfect the paintwork, 5 year ceramic coating for paint protection, wheel coating, glass coating and interior fabric and leather protection.

Deep Clean Package

From £149

Not just a car wash
A complete overhaul including every aspect of your vehicle's interior and exterior including a full decontamination wash, wheels & arches cleaned, exhaust tip(s) cleaned, engine bay cleaning, wetvac and steam cleaning for the interior, fabric and leather cleaning, and more.

Car Detailing, Valeting, Ceramic Coating & Paint Protection Film

Choose from one of our popular car detailing packages, build your own or pick an individual service such as a deep clean or ceramic coating. Choose from our fully equipped mobile detailing service or bring your car to our studio in Cardiff.

Our services are fully flexible so you can book Rinse Mobile Detailing around your work life schedule. 

Call 07572 261849 or email info@rinse-detailing.co.uk to find out more. 

Deep Clean

Paint Correction

Ceramic Coating

Wheel Coating


Glass Coating

Interior Clean

Maintenance Wash

Our Latest Customer Reviews

"Initially booked in my S5 for a full valet, machine polish and ceramic coating. The results were outstanding and is by far the best my car has ever looked. For that reason, he has looked after my car ever since, I wouldn’t take it anywhere else. Spot on communication, reliable & great to deal with."

Josh Powell, from Cardiff
Recommended on Facebook
"Ben and the team at Rinse Mobile Detailing have always gone above and beyond looking after our fleet of vehicles. Being in the trade myself for almost 12 years and having used multiple valet/detail guys who claim to be the best rinse definitely stands higher than the rest. I couldn’t stress enough you need this company to take care of your vehicles the results are second to none."

Rob Ford, from Cardiff
5 star review on Google
"Ben's professionalism and attention to detail is first class. I had a 5 year Ceramic Coating about 6-8 months ago on my new car. It still looks as glossy as most new cars, and the water beads up like the day it done. One of the best car detailers in Cardiff without a doubt!"

Callum Davies, from Newport
5 star review on Google
"Five star service!!! Being someone who knows nothing about cars, my mind was put at ease and I was offered the best package suited to my cars needs. Car looks brand new. Highly recommend, the attention to detail and knowledge really was top tier."

Sam Jones, from Cardiff
5 star review on Google


What is car detailing?

Car detailing is more than just cleaning, it’s taking care of every detail.

At Rinse Mobile Detailing we want the very best for your car, which is visible in the attention to detail and the amount of time we spend making your car look it’s very best.

We spend anywhere from half a day to 5 days detailing per vehicle – in fact we spend longer detailing wheels than most people spend cleaning their car.

Why choose Rinse Mobile Detailing?

Founded by Ben Hall, a professional car detailer in Cardiff with over 12 year experience. In his own words, Ben is obsessed with car care and will always go above and beyond to deliver on his high standards.

  • Rinse Mobile Detailing is registered on Companies House and fully insured
  • Fully equipped mobile detailing van so we can deliver our detailing & valeting services at your home, office or place of work
  • Honesty and reliability are 2 of our core values
  • Trusted by 1000s of people throughout Cardiff, Newport, The Valleys, Glamorgan, Barry and Penarth
  • Trusted by car dealerships throughout Cardiff, Newport, The Valleys, Glamorgan, Barry and Penarth

What’s the difference between detailing and valeting?

One of the biggest differences between valeting and detailing, is the amount of time that is spent taking care of your car.

Rinse Mobile Detailing has a minimum booking of 5 hours, and this can range all the way to a full week. We have over 12 year experience, access to a vast array of tools and products including some of the very best polishing equipment and ceramic coatings available in the UK.

Valeters traditionally spend 30 to 60 minutes per car. 

How much is car detailing?

Car detailers usually charge around £30 per hour. 

At Rinse Mobile Detailing our prices are based on a finished job which means you get the best value for money. 

Car detailing packages price list:

  • New car detailing package £449
  • Winter car detailing package from £199 to £549

Car detailing services price list: 

  • Multi stage paint correction and 5 year Ceramic Coating £749
  • Multi stage paint correction and 2 year Ceramic Coating £649
  • Multi stage paint correction without Ceramic Coating £549
  • Gloss enhancement and 5 year Ceramic Coating £549
  • Gloss enhancement and 2 year Ceramic Coating £449
  • Gloss enhancement without ceramic coating £349
  • Deep clean from £149
  • Paint Protection Film from £1,599 – front end PPF kit
  • Paint Protection Film from £3,499 – full car PPF kit

Car detailing add-on services price list: 

  • Glass ceramic coating £75
  • Wheel Ceramic Coating £75 – wheel faces only
  • Interior deep clean £90
  • 2 year Ceramic Coating £100
  • 5 year Ceramic Coating £200

What is ceramic coating?

Ceramic Coating is a glossy and hydrophobic protective layer, it’s crystal clear and helps to protect your paint job from dulling, fading, road salt, bird lime, UV rays and acid rain.

We are professional Ceramic Coating installers and have access to many of the leading Ceramic Coating products and brands available in the UK including Pyramid Car Care, Gyeon, Gtechniq, Meguiars and Autoglym.

Ceramic Coating can be used on paint, plastic, wheels, exhaust tips, glass, fabric and leather.

Ceramic Coating is the most affordable paint protection option, but does come with drawbacks while Ceramic Coating will protect against very light scratches and swirl marks, if you’re looking for true protection against stone chips and scratches then Paint Protection Film or PPF is your best option which can range from £1599 to £3499.

How far will you travel?

No limits nationwide coverage, we regularly travel to London for clients based there.

Note: we charge a travel fee outside our normal areas of business, please contact for more information. 

What do you need to complete the job i.e. tap, electricity?

Access to electric plug sockets and if you’re feeling really generous a hot cup of tea!

Can you offer car detailing at my office or work address?

Yes, we’re fully insured to work offsite, which includes on the road, in car parks, in car dealerships and showrooms, as well as other business premises. 

Rinse Mobile Detailing in Cardiff

Our fully equipped mobile car detailing services cover Cardiff, Newport, The Valleys & South Wales. 

We’re happy to travel Nationwide but a travel fee may apply. 

Get Your Car Looking The Business

Book our car detailing services online using the form below, by phone 07572 261849 or by email info@rinse-detailing.co.uk.